Women’s Soccer League

Women’s Soccer League

The Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center hosts soccer leagues for every level of play from Fall to Spring each year. The Indoor Sports Center provides a highly maintained indoor turf playing surface and additional sport court. The courts are 185′ x 85′ to provide a maximum playing surface.

All Sports Center leagues provide professionally trained staff to officiate and climate controlled indoor comfort for players and spectators.

The Sports Center encourages both individuals and teams to sign up! Individuals who register will be placed on teams in need of players or on teams created by the Sports Center.

Adult soccer leagues provide playing levels for men’s and women’s competitive and recreational teams.

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  • Prices

    Print registration form and submit in person, or register online with Program Codes: Team - 7683 Individual - 7684

    Individual - Spring Session 2018 Session$85
    Team - Spring Session 2018 (if registered in FULL BEFORE February 26, 2018)$650
    Team - Spring Session 2018 (if registered AFTER February 26, 2018)$675

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